Can a VA Help Me? You might be wondering if a VA is suited to helping you in your business.  Afterall, what can a VA do exactly that will help you be more productive in the areas of your business that you’re really passionate about? In short, a VA can take care of all of the little things that eat up the time of today’s business owners.  Social media, e-mail marketing, writing and posting to your blog, keeping track of your calendar, list management, travel arrangements, message follow ups, and so much more.  These are things that a business owner needs to have taken care but doesn’t always have the time to do.  The VA Bug knows that your time is valuable and you don’t want to have to sit around worrying if your work is being done professionally.  With that in mind, we always give your tasks the time and attention they deserve.  You never have to expect anything less than 100% quality work done by American VAs who are trained to meet all of your important deadlines. © The VA Bug -  2014 Social Media Anyone? Yep, we’re there too!    Too much to do? We can take care of those time consuming tasks so you can get back to doing what you’re good at.   Social Media - Email Marketing Calendar Management - Data Entry - Document Preparation - Article Submissions - Blog Posts - Services Tailored to Meet Your Individual Business Needs